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This site is dedicated to women over 40, celebrating the world of possibilities when a woman starts over in her pursuit of love, or makes a decision to look after herself and not be limited by
societal and cultural outlooks on age. This is a site of hope.


Many women who have been in long-term marriages (with varying degrees of success or satisfaction) say that they wonder what they would do if they had to start over. Hopefully, it will never happen, and they will live the full cycle of life's events, with a close-knit community of friends and family to celebrate the highs, and the compassionate souls to offer solace in times of need.

The reality is that many women DO have to redefine themselves, to find an inner sense of beauty and identity,  to find another way to connect with a "soulmate," or at the very least, to be "out there" celebrating their womanhood and enjoying dating and romance.

It is not easy, and it does take nerves of steel. But there are many lonely and worthwhile people out there, also searching, and the modern day has created many possibilities.  Yes, there are predators and unseemly folks out there, but to operate on the basis of fear alone is selling oneself very short. There are so many more good people to meet and, whatever the fruits of the odyssey, a woman will only be enriched and empowered by her experiences.

The dating page will provide several of the dating options of the modern day.


Women worry about "falling apart," about "gravity," about losing their looks, about being overweight, about menopause. The list goes on and on. But age is only a number. If women can go back to school in their fifties, they can maintain their health through their eighties and sometimes beyond, remaining active and alert. The long-term payoffs for self-maintenance are enormous. And the best thing a woman can have is knowledge. It is powerful tool, and armed with it, she can seek all sorts of help from many sources, including within herself.

Then, there is mental health.  A woman who has already lived a full life will have experienced personally or watched the effects of loss, of depression, or addictions, and unfortunately, of different types of abuse. Sadly, women in the middle of abusive situations hardly even realize this is about them. And so, self-awareness and knowledge will be her armor and her sword. With these, she can protect herself and her children, and seek help.

The health page is a celebration of knowledge on health issues.

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